West Virginia Health Departments Continue Free Vaccination Clinics

HURRICANE, WV (WOWK) — The Putnam County Health Department (PCHD) administered a little more than 500 doses of the vaccine during a clinic on Saturday.

PCHD executive director Lolita Kirk says the clinic was by appointment only and many of the residents were right on time.

When you make that phone call and that person is just so happy to hear your voice, it’s a relief.
Lolita Krik, PCHD Executive Director

Many residents at the Valley Park Conference Center in Hurricane, West Virginia were overjoyed to receive their doses of the vaccine.

The people are just wonderful and it is so well organized.
Nancy Austin, Putnam County Resident

300 individuals received their first dose and an additional 250 received their second.

For each person, the process was fairly quick. Aside from a short waiting period, they entered the building, received their shot, then left.

The clinic’s efficiency was a result of a group effort from three different organizations. PCHD, Family Care Health Centers, and the local Scout Troop 236 all came together to help get needles into arms.

It’s all socially distanced and our goal is to make sure the community has access to vaccination.
Craig Glover, Family Care Health Centers President and CEO

For those who needed assistance getting in and out of the building, the local scout troop 236 also played a key role by “opening doors, wiping down tables, greeting people, and helping people with wheelchairs.”

With the three organizations working side by side, the clinic was a success.

Several residents commented that the vaccination process was a little bit hectic when it first began, but now they say the process is much smoother.

For more information on how to get pre-registered for the vaccine, click here.

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