Is your family up to date on vaccinations? The Putnam County Health Department conducts routine immunization clinics for children, adolescents and adults. We also offer Overseas Travel and Occupational Health vaccinations.

Putnam County Health Department offers vaccines at cost with an additional, small administration fee. Children with families that qualify for the Vaccines for Children program are eligible to receive vaccines at no cost with only a small administrative fee applied. Most insurances will cover the cost of your vaccinations.

The Putnam County Health Department accepts insurance payments from more than 50 insurance carriers for vaccinations.

Call Clinic Office at (304) 757-2541to see if your insurance is accepted.

The Health Department will bill insurance on your behalf.

Immunizations are available by appointment. Please call (304) 757-2541 to schedule.

We are proud to be a Vaccines for Children (VFC) program provider. VFC eliminates financial barriers for children that need immunizations. Children up to the age of 19 will be screened for VFC eligibility. If they meet the guidelines for eligibility, vaccines will be given at no cost with only a small administration fee that will be applied.

Are you or your employees at risk? The Putnam County Health Department offers an occupational immunization program for employers. Based upon the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations, we will vaccinate your employees against the diseases they may be exposed to on-the-job.

This, in turn, decreases your risk as an employer.

We will simply bill you as the employer once per month for vaccinations received by your employees. All of our vaccines are given at cost with an administration fee.

Are you planning to travel outside the United States for work or pleasure? The Putnam County Health Department offers overseas travel clinics each week to ensure you receive the required and recommended vaccinations that you need to travel.

Our nurses will prepare a customized informational packet for you and counsel you on what vaccines you will need.

Our overseas travel clinics are scheduled by appointment. Please call (304) 757-2541.

You will need to schedule an appointment 4 weeks in advance of travel to make certain you are protected before you reach your destination.