Recognizing Emergency Sirens

There are many different ways that the public is notified of emergency events. You’ve probably heard many of these before, including radio and television announcements that beep several times and say “This is a test of the emergency broadcast system.” These systems help ensure that people in Putnam County and throughout the area will be notified in the event of a real emergency.

You might also be familiar with the sounds of the very loud sirens that ring throughout the valley every month. Few people know that these are also a way to alert the public of an emergency. These sirens are tested every month on the fourth Wednesday of the month at noon. If you hear these sirens and it is not the fourth Wednesday of the month, you should go inside immediately and turn on your television or radio for further information. If you are in your car, stay inside the vehicle and stay tuned to your radio. Do not stop driving unless instructed to do so.

Pay attention when you hear sirens and other emergency announcements—it could mean the safety of you and your family in a real emergency!