Residents of Putnam County that do not have access to public sewage rely on individual on-site sewage disposal systems. All on-site sewage system installations must be done by a certified on-site sewage system installer.

How It Works: Sewage System Permitting

Step 1 | Choose a Certified Sewage Installer
The process for installing a new on-site sewage system, modifying an existing on-site sewage system, or repairing a failing on-site sewage system starts with choosing a certified installer. The State of West Virginia maintains a current lists of certified installers on the WV DHHR’s website here.

Step 2 | Perform a Percolation Test
Your certified installer will perform a percolation test and evaluate the site to see if it is suitable for an on-site sewage system or modification or evaluate a failing system to see what repairs can be made. The certified installer will then make recommendations to the homeowner/property owner for what type of system or repair should be installed.

Step 3 | Submit Your Permit Application(s)
The homeowner/property owner and/or certified installer will fill out an on-site sewage system application and submit it to the Health Department.

Once an application is received an environmental health specialist will schedule a visit to the site of the proposed new system, modification, or repair.

Step 4 | When/If Approval is Granted
Once the environmental health specialist has approved the site, a permit for the new system, modification, or repair will be issued by the Health Department. The certified installer may begin construction/repair of the system at that time. If the certified installer encounters any issues during construction/repair that would require them to modify the plan that was approved by the Health Department, they must contact the health department before continuing with construction/repair.

When construction/repair of the system is finished, but before the system is covered up, the certified installer must contact the health department for a final inspection. The environmental health specialist will evaluate the completed system to make sure that it was installed correctly and in accordance with the approved construction plan.

Additional Forms & Resources

There may be situations where you, or your certified installer, will be required to submit additional paperwork related to on-site sewage permitting. Select forms are linked below. Other resources are available on the WV DHHR’s website here.

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