Water Supply

The purpose of the Putnam County Health Department’s water program is to ensure that the public’s health is protected through safe drinking water, proper well and water supply system construction and site location evaluation for wells before installation. Prevention from contamination of the on-site water supply is a high priority of the program.

The program involves a permit process and the identification of the specific type of supply: public or private. Water supplies are classified according to the number of people served and the number of service connections, and they include community, individual and non-community water supplies. Environmental specialists, who work for the Health Department, also collect compliance samples from public water supplies to assure safe water quality.

How It Works: Water Well Permitting

Step 1 | Choose a Certified Well Driller
If you are installing a new water well, modifying an existing water well, or abandoning an existing water well, the first step is to contact a certified well driller. The State of West Virginia maintains a current lists of certified drillers on the WV DHHR’s website here.

Step 2 | Evaluate the Proposed Well Site
A certified water well driller will evaluate the proposed water well site to see if a water well can be installed, modified, or to see what is needed to abandon a water well. Abandoning of water wells is typically done when a person connects to public water or if a water well becomes contaminated.

Step 3 | Submit Your Permit Application(s)
The certified water well driller will then fill out a water well application and submit it to the health department.

When an application is received, the health department staff will contact the certified water well driller to schedule a visit to the site where the water well will be drilled, modified, or abandoned.

Step 4 | When/If Approval is Granted
Once the site has been approved, a permit will be issued by the Health Department. The certified driller may begin construction/modification of the system at that time.

Once construction, modification, or abandonment of the water well is completed, the certified water well driller must submit a Completion Report or Abandonment Report to the Health Department within 30 Days.

How It Works: Water Sampling

The health department can also test well water for the presence of bacteriological contamination if a person is concerned about the safety of their well water. Complete this request form for water quality testing and then contact the Health Department at 304.757.2541 for more information.

For more additional resources and information on water supplies and safety, you can visit the WV DHHR’s website here.

If you have any complaints you would like us to investigate, please email us with complete Complaint address or contact information. You can also call us.

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