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Welcome to our Environmental Health Services’ applications page. All facilities under the jurisdiction of the Putnam County Health Department are required to obtain a Public Health Permit in order to operate.

Depending on your business type and/or the nature of your project, you may be required to complete additional forms. Explore below to find additional information and, if applicable, supplemental applications. Please contact us if you have questions regarding what applications you need.

General Application for Permit to Operate (SG-49 Non-Food Facilities)
Current Permit Fees
Current Inspection/Service Fees

Tattoo Studios

Required Forms/Applications
SG-49 General Application for Permit to Operate (non-food facilities)

Related State Code/Documents
Tattoo Studios WV Code §16-38

Piercing Studios

Required Forms/Applications
SG-49 General Application for a Permit to Operate (non-food facilities)
SG-86 Piercing Studio Plan Review
SG-88 Piercing Tech Registration App

Related State Code/Documents
Body Piercing Rule 64 CSR 80

Important: Body piercing is separate from tattoo shops, even though they often reside in the same facility. Body piercing studios are required to complete and return the plan review SG-86 in addition to completing an SG-49. The piercing technician must be registered using SG-88. Technicians do not file this application with the health department but can download it above.

For more information, visit our body art studios page.

Required Forms/Applications
SF-5 Application to Operate a Food Establishment
SF-35 Plan Review Application for NEW establishments or facilities undergoing remodel/major modifications
SF-5B Application to Operate a Temporary Food Establishment for temporary events
Important: Facilities wanting an annual permit for their mobile unit (not just for a temporary event) should fill out the SF-5 application.

Related State Code/Documents
Employee Health Policy
Important: All establishments are required to have a policy. This is the policy the health department provides for convenience.

SF-4 Guidelines for Operating a Temporary Food Establishment
Important: Any vendors applying for a temporary permit should read, understand, and comply with this guideline in conjunction with the 2013 FDA Food Code that WV enacts as law and that the health department interprets and enforces, as a regulatory authority 64CSR17.

For more information, visit our food establishments page.

Required Forms/Applications
SG-49 General Application for a Permit to Operate (non-food facilities)

Related State Code/Documents
Recreational Water Rule 64CSR16
2018 Model Aquatic Health Code (recommended reading)

Important: It is recommended, but not required, that pool operators and owners read the 2018 Model Aquatic Health Code to aid in compliance with the Recreational Water Facility rule 64CSR16, which is what the health department enforces.

For more information, visit our recreational water facilities page.

Required Forms/Applications
SS-182A Application to Install or Modify a Sewage System

Related State Code/Documents
Sewage System Regulations 64CSR9
Design Standards Sewage Treatment and Collection System 64CSR47

Important: It is the OWNER’S responsibility to contract a certified installer for their system AND submit the application to the health department. The installer does have to fill out part of the application, but it is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to obtain a permit from the health department. This also applies to failing systems.

For more information, visit our sewage page.

Required Forms/Applications
Home Loan Evaluation Form

Related State Code/Documents
H-12 Home Loan Information

For more information, visit our home loan evaluations page.

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