Yes, we have the UKCOVID strain in West Virginia. We likely have had it for some time. It is just very hard to get samples tested for variants in West Virginia.

Vaccines appear to work on this strain and current testing will identify these strains as a positive test just doesn’t tell you what strain it is.

Across the world, cases continue to drop especially in countries with great vaccination programs. Look at what Israel has done and the success there.

Why such a drop in West Virginia? It’s because of vaccines and all the work with masking and social distancing.

I believe all kids should be in school. I am not seeing any spread there. I am fine with opening restaurants to 75 percent.

What should we do:

  1. Continue to vaccinate. I know some are anxious when it will be their turn, but we are doing our best with what we get. The snow this week cancelled clinics, but it didn’t decrease our total doses. Putnam County will have its largest one-day event next Saturday, Feb. 27, to get all the shots we missed last week with the help of CAMC and FamilyCare.
  2. Please still refrain from spreader events. The most recent causes that are in clusters in Putnam County are from Super Bowl Parties.
  3. If sick – get tested. Putnam County tests every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at our testing location at Liberty Square.

We got this #DefeatCovid19.

Dr. E. Michael Robie, Health Officer
Putnam County Health Department